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Kerispatih - Mengenangmu

i love this song.

Kerispatih - Mengenangmu
Takkan pernah habis air mataku
bila kuingat tentang dirimu
mungkin hanya kau yang tau
mengapa sampai saat ini
kumasih sendiri

adakah disana kau rindu padaku
meski kita kini ada di dunia berbeda
bila masih mungkin
waktu kuputar
kan kutunggu dirimu

Biarlah kusimpan
sampai nanti aku
kan ada disana
tenanglah dirimu dalam kedamaian
ingatlah cintaku
kau tak terlihat lagi
namun cintamu abadi

Happy Birthday Syel

i wish i could say it to you personally every year. but as you can see that it is not considered possible at the moment. so as usual, i would like to take this opportunity to wish you Happy Birthday!

29 years old eh?.. enjoy it while you can because next year you will be joining the 3 series club!.. hehe.. maybe someday i'll get to meet your lovely son and daughter up close, ok.. 

really miss having you around.. take care..

Melayang Layang

it is only 8.55 in the morning and my head is already not in the right state of mind. i can't think straight. my mind wonders.

a colleague just reminded me we have an exam to attend next week.. damn.. i'm still not prepared. (and that was not even the reason). even the easiest of task of data-entry also seems difficult. as i said my mind wonders through space.

just thankful i'm not doing any work that requires me to use my brain extensively. because i really can't concentrate right now.

not good. the last time i was like this it took me a looooong time to recover an a few kilos too.

i thought i can handle it. countless of songs herd, photos stare at, massages read. the effect was minimal. it thought i'm getting ok.

well, suprise surprise!.. i'm wrong again.. and again.. and again.. and again..

i'm just staring at my office's laptop LCD screen. staring blank. while listening to some songs.

i'm getting mad am i?.. 

Teringat Yang Lama

these past few days (maybe weeks..) i kept remembering things. about someone.

i don't know. maybe because her birthday is coming up soon kot. and today i have this strong urge to google her name online. i did. i found her.

kena lah pulak at the same time i was listening to some songs through my winamp player and those romantic sad songs being played. pergh.. makan dalam babe. and things get a little bit emo la kan.

it has been like nearly 2 years since. and today i 'saw' her. albeit just a in a social networking site but it was enough to make me all... weak. inside outside.

the song 'mengenangmu' from kerispatih really gets into me. i love this song. the lyric somewhat reflect what i felt. and when i 'saw' her while this song was playing.. i was rendered.. speechless.

i assume that was the latest picture of her. and if it was then she haven't change at all. a very beautiful lady. the same lady that captivated me over 5 years ago..

and never faded ever since..

Ada Band - Manusia Bodoh

manusia bodoh.. agree? i certainly do..

this song has been out for a while but a friend of mine sang it in a karaoke session this 1 night and i'm instantly hooked!.. when i read the lyric, it kind of remind me of myself.

forest gump once said "stupid is as stupid does"..

i tried to put the youtube video here but failed la. lupe lak camne nak letak. so you can just click here to watch it.
still can't watch it? copy the address below and paste it to your browser.


so enjoy this song.. i did.

Dahulu terasa indah
Tak ingin lupakan
Bermesraan selalu jadi satu kenangan manis

Tiada yang salah
Hanya aku manusia bodoh
Yang biarkan semua ini permainkanku
Berulang ulang kali

Reff :
Mencoba bertahan sekuat hati
Layaknya karang yang dihempas sang ombak
Jalani hidup dalam buai belaka
Serahkan cinta tulus di dalam takdir

Tak ayal tingkah lakumu
Buatku putus asa
Kadang akal sehat ini
Tak cukup membendungnya

Hanya kepedihan
Yang selalu datang menertawakanku
Engkau belahan jiwa
Tega menari indah di atas tangisanku

Bridge :
Semua kisah pasti ada akhir
Yang harus dilalui
Begitu juga akhir kisah ini
Yakinku indah

Tapi sampai kapankah ku harus
Menanggungnya kutukan cinta ini
Bersemayam dalam kalbu

Tugas Luar Pejabat

today's work was quite exciting. because i got to go out of the office!.. yeeeahh!.. sronot! sronot!..

where? we went looking APCO Worldwide.. ever heard about them?.. for those who tune to their tv or read the papers they should know. ok guys, let me make it clear. i'm not into politics that much. so we went there solely for the sake of work. nothing else. what ever they did for the government or what ever the opposition don't like about them, i just don't give a foot. i'm not taking sides. ada ngerti?..

anyway, i had a good day *hey, getting the chance to go out is good what*. even not as far as johor like last time but it was good anyway.. i loike!...

hmm.. a very mysterious company indeed..


tuan zul, tuan man, puan zaza & tuan wong.

tadaaaa!!... but just to clear things up. we are not cops a.k.a police or whatever okeh. but i must admit we do look smart la kan.. sket la.. ala, bagi la chan nak up sket.. haiss..

just want to let you all know (i assume there IS someone out there, actually reading my posts) this might be the first and maybe the last. but we'll see.

Huiss.. Lama Betul Tak Update..

let me check. today is 27th June 2010.


wooo.. 5 month and.. 15 days to be exact. since my last post. damn.. giler lame! there are so much to tell. don't know where to start.. again..

a lot has happened. new things experienced. new friends made. feelings felt. new places went to. speaking of which, i just came back from a 4 days course at tanjung surat in johor. what an experience. a beautiful place. beautiful friends. and beautiful moments. moments we cherished for the rest of our life. i felt 'young' again. haha.. and for some people they felt 'single' again.. guys will always be guys ya!..

really miss blogging. this is the only place where i can be my own self. say what i want to say. that said, i will try to not neglect my blog anymore. or at least not for 5 long months!..

so dengan lafaz Bismilah.. dengan ini saya ingin menyatakan.... i'm back!!


To love is to suffer.
To avoid suffering one must not love.
But then one suffers from not loving.

Therefore to love is to suffer, not to love is to suffer.
To suffer is to suffer.
To be happy is to love.
To be happy then is to suffer.
But suffering makes one unhappy.

Therefore, to be unhappy one must love, or love to suffer, or suffer from too much happiness.

So.. which one is it?!..

To love or to suffer?..


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